7in Record mini 45 crate Raw Wood Handmade in USA


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This listing is for 1 raw wood natural 45-mini crate. 

I love these mini crates I had to share them with my friends and the world! 

Collecting records for over 40 years I have always looked for a new way to store my records. I started making these compact record crates for 33 and 45’s.

Holds loosely 60 records (50 records pictured) not included.

Hand assembled and bonded.

Raw wood has been lightly sanded and may have small filling areas.

The inside floor has a 3mm thick felt.

This is ready for you to paint, add stickers, carve, or enjoy as it is!

It is a great gift for you or your favorite home or pro Dj organize your playlist or Dj set.

Lightweight compact much lighter and takes up less space than a full crate. 

My favorite feature you can prop the records sideways on the top of the crate!

I designed and make them in Los Angeles.

Dimensions: 8x8x6

Stained and Dyed 45 mini crates are available in our store!

Please pass this listing on!

I would love to make one for you or your friends! 

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