Happy Birthday engraved wine bottle box and candle holder gift set


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This is a wooden wine bottle box with Happy Birthday engraved sliding lid and 2 wooden candle holders with battery tea lights.

This gift set includes a wine bottle box, filling for a bottle cushion, and 2 wooden tea light holders with led flickering lights.

batteries are included.

This Box is vintage stained I also make this natural wood unstained.

  • This Wine bottle box is all wood.
  • Multi-piece construction.
  • A fitted slide top box.
  • Lightweight build with a natural filling material.
  • Handed bonded natural wood no harsh paint.
  • Slide top heart shape finger opening.
  • Handmade in the USA.
  • Turn that 2 buck chuck into a beautiful gift 🙂

Natural unfinished for sharpie signing all over for events gift giving family or office events. 

Length 14.5″

Height 4.75″

Width 4.25″

This Box is natural wood unstained.


Made for standard wine bottles.

I also have Happy New Year! 2023 in my other items.

For Larger events I have 12 and 24 packs of the Wine Bottle Boxes.

The pictured wine bottle is not included.

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